Vintage Equestrian Jewellery Video December 22 2013



Vintage Equestrian Grows November 28 2013

Vintage Equestrian has grown and now has a sister site, Vintage Fine Jewellery - Thanks to our wonderful customers and friends requesting specific Vintage Jewellery and Antique Jewellery, we finally decided the time had come to launch a site filled with fabulous Vintage Jewellery. There is a wide range of Jewellery available from antique cufflinks, cocktail rings and necklaces of pearls, diamonds and sapphires. The list could go on forever.

Every piece of jewellery in both collections are Fine Jewellery - using only precious metals platinum, gold and silver with gemstones including precious gemstones including diamonds, pearls, sapphires and emeralds, to many other precious stones.

We will continue to display equestrian jewellery, or horse jewellery including horse brooches, horseshoe necklaces and bracelets together with other wonderful horse themed jewellery. We love this range and long will it continue. But if you would like to look at some fabulous cocktail rings in stunning colours, come and take a peek at Vintage Fine Jewellery.

Both sites and collections have wonderful jewellery from Victorian, Edwardian and Georgian periods. There are several fabulous pieces from the 1920s that are simply timeless.