Stock pins have been used on stocks worn by horse riders for hundreds of years. Stocks and stock pins were originally worn when hunting as a safety measure. In the event of an injury, the stock may be used as a temporary bandage for a horses leg or used as a sling for a riders arm, using the hunting stock pin to secure the stock in place.

Stocks and stock pins continue to be used by those competing at dressage, showing, show jumping, eventing and in the hunting field. The stock pin fastens the stock in place when a traditional stock is being worn or as an embellishment to a ready tied stock. Some riders choose to wear a simple stock pin, whilst others prefer more decorative and colourful stock pins.

Vintage Equestrian stock an extensive collection of fine equestrian jewellery for horse riders and countryside lovers. Included in the collection is a wide selection of stock pins in Hallmarked silver and gold. Many of the stock pins are embellished with precious and colourful stones including diamonds, sapphires, aquamarine, rubies and pearls. As each and every stock pin is vintage, each stock pin is unique.

Stock Pins for Dressage

There are no rules or restrictions for dressage stock pins, but the stocks they are fastened to must be white or cream when the rider is competing at Advanced tests. See British Dressage Rules for full and current dress codes.

Stock Pins for Eventing

There are no rules or restrictions for eventing stock pins. Stock pins must be fastened to a white stock or tie during the dressage phase at Advance, Advance Intermediate and Intermediate Champs. When competing at Novice level, when a black or blue jacket is worn during the dressage or showjumping phases, a white stock or tie must be worn. When a tweed jacket is being worn, the stock or tie may be coloured. See British Eventing Rules for full and current dress codes.

Stock Pins for Hunting

There are no rules or restrictions for hunting stock pins. It is preferred that ready tied stocks are not used for hunting. A tweed jacket and a tie should be worn for the first meet, which can be worn with a hunting stick pin or hunting tie pin.  Black or blue show jackets with white stocks should be worn at all meets following the first meet, fastened with a hunting stock pin. Pony club members should always wear their Pony Club tie, which can be worn with a tie pin.